Western Samoan Adventure (5W0NA)

On September 28th I arrived to Apia, Western Samoa which is located in south Pacific. It’s very beautiful place and I can compare it to Hawaii. I was a member of ZK3A DX expedition to Tokelau and Apia was our meeting place for all members before departure to Tokelau islands. The total flight time from Phoenix, AZ to Apia, Samoa was 22 hours with two stops. First stop in Los Angeles, CA and second in Honolulu, Hawaii. Most of the flight was above the ocean. I had a blast in Apia, met good people and loved their culture. It’s the good place to spend vacation but a bit long flight.

Since I had transceiver with and could operate I decided to get the Samoan callsign. It was actually very easy, fill out the paperwork, pay fees and list all equipment. Big Thanks for Hrane Milocevic, he has a good connections there. So after all of that I received my Samoan callsign 5W0NA. After arrival from ZK3 I spent some days at 5W1SA radio shack. Thanks to Atsuo for letting me work from his station using my own callsign. It was a very good experience!

Everything else you can see from the video

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