Q5 Transverter – Test Results

I decided to test Q5 five band transverter prior installing into my rover setup. The interesting part was to measure real output RF power on each of 5 bands. Following test setup was used:

  • Mini-Circuit USB Power sensor
  • 150 Watts 50 Ohm load
  • Icom IC-705

To be honest I was impressed with the results. I used IC-705 radio for IF drive. FM modulation was used and 0.1W(20dBm) drive the transverter. Output of Q5 was terminated to 50 ohm attenuator with power sensor on the end.

Now the test results for each of 5 bands:

  • 144.200 MHz – 125 Watts
  • 222.100 MHz – 80 Watts
  • 432.100 MHz – 92 Watts
  • 903.100 MHz – 77 Watts
  • 1296.100 MHz – 32 Watts

Well done!

Alex K6VHF

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