Mirrored QSO…

CQ CQ de WY6DX…..
On photo: Vlad WY6DX (on right) and K6VHF (on left).

Alex K6VHF

Camping and WAEDC contest

Me and friend of mine Alex W6AWW went to campground on last weekend. All camps near us were full of people and we decide go to Santa Barbara direction. There is many campgrounds and finally we got one of them – Rancho OSO (almost Rancho QSO). Honestly that campground not good for hamradio because located down in the canyon and all direction are closed. But we are there already and want to try anyway. I like use portable equipment because it is more fun.
Well, he had:
– YAESU FT-857
– ATAS-120 antenna
6 m band dipole
– 10 m band dipole
Let’s put all together and then try work. We spent just a 20 minutes to set it up.
On photo – Alex W6AWW and my portable 6 m band dipole antenna.

This is ATAS-120 just 10 ft above the ground. I put 2 wires for the best efficiency.

6 m band home made dipole (fishing rods) installed on regular tripod.

It’s me K6VHF and my equipment.

Checking the propagation on 10 m band but there is silence…

Here is you can see another antenna – 10 m band full size dipole.

The Rancho OSO is the worst place for Hamradio what I seen ever. Unfriendly rangers and bad conditions for HF and VHF antennas. Anyway we got 3 QSO, two of them are local and last one just incredible, I worked with RT4RO (Russia) on 20 m band in WAEDC contest. That was completely unexpectable but we did it. Just look at my stick antenna on 10 ft high and wall of mountains around us. That is the real hamradio and portable work! Cheers!

Alex K6VHF

Old military transmitter. Junk or not?

Friend of mine Erik N8MJK bought this stuff on ebay and paid just $50. Is this junk useful? Will find out.

Let see what is inside.

I like stuff on the right side. It looks like output PA. It is PA but just 15 Watts on 400 MHz ))

Well, what we got more? Look there is filter, power detector and coax relay. This is a good catch!

It looks like relay but is just a connector.

I guess we got a lot of useful things for VHF/UHF projects just for $50 🙂

Alex K6VHF

The portable 6 m band antenna

Check my portable 6 m band antenna for portable work. It is a simple dipole antenna but I use two fishing poles as elements. Works fine. SWR is 1:1.05.
Also I use the tripod and short plastic pipe. Good simple antenna for the portable.

Alex K6VHF