10 thoughts on “Kenwood 4 PIN to 8 PIN Adapter

    1. No, it’s won’t work. You need 4 pin male (MC-50 side) to 8 pin female (TS-440 side) adapter. I can make it for $20 with free shipping. Let me know if you wait it.

      Alex K6VHF

  1. I have a Kenwood MC50 desk mike that I want to use on my Kenwood TS590 transceiver. What would it cost to get an extension cable to do that? I would like for the type of cable to be the same diameter as on the MC50. I’m 82 yrs old and don’t do the delicate stuff anymore like small connectors.

  2. I am looking to use a 4 prong Astitic Desk Mic on a 8 pin Kenwood 440s . Can you build an adapter.? Thanks

  3. Hi Alex,
    Do you still sell the Kenwood mic adapter cables?
    I have a Kenwood MC-60 mic that I would like to use on my TS-830S transceiver.
    On the mic is an 8 pin female plug, and on the radio is a 4 pin male.
    This would make the adapter an 8 pin male to 4 pin female.
    If i’m reading your ad correctly, this is what you are advertising here.
    I live in Manitoba, but have a ND ship to address. My call is VE4SO.
    Garry, Thanks es 73.

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