ICOM and YAESU Headset Adapters

Enjoy my new headset adapters for Icom and Yaesu transceivers. You can buy them in my store on eBay

Compatible with ICOM IC-775, IC-746/PRO, IC-756/PRO, IC-910H, IC9100

Compatible with YAESU FT-1000D/MARKV/MP, FT-2000, FT-950, FT-920,FT-DX5000, FT-847, FT-840

Alex K6VHF

9 thoughts on “ICOM and YAESU Headset Adapters

  1. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the HEADSET ADAPTER HS-I01C that is compatible for the ic-910h but it is sold out on ebay. Do you have any more? Are there any on the market that are similar? Thanks

  2. The Yaesu adapter that is very well-made works perfectly with my Yamaha CM500 – Yaesu FT-990
    Thanks Alex!
    B W1OYI

  3. I see that your Yaesu headset adapters come in Dynamic and Electret varieties. I intend to use one to connect a Sabret USB sound card from a Raspberry Pi to my FT817/ Which kind is correct? I will also connect with a USB to CAT cable. Do you sell one that is not a meter long? I’m looking for one about a foot (30 cm) long to fit in a Go Box.

  4. Have one of your adapters I purchased on Ebay. It has worked in the past. I’m attempting to connect to a Yaesu FT-817. I am also running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro (as of 10/18/20). The Windows bluetooth manager shows your device “paired” as a CT-62. Device manager shows serial ports COM3 and COM4 via bluetooth. Port settings are 9600, 8, N, 1. The FT-817 is configured as “CAT” at 9600 baud. Neither the latest versions of HRD or flrig are communicating via either the Bluetooth COM3 or COM4 ports. Mint Linux 20.0 also sees the CT-62, but I have no way to configure it there and attempt to test with that operating system. Any suggestions on what to try? Thank you.

  5. Alex,

    I want to connect a Koss SB-45 communication headset (with electret mic) to an Icom IC-2730A. The radio has an 8-pin RJ45 microphone connector which supplies 8VDC on the MIC Input pin.

    I don’t see any K6VHF adapter cables for this. Are these two compatible, or is the 8V too high for this mic? (Koss doesn’t publish mic specs.) I understand this mic is pretty hot. Do you know if I need an attenuation?


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