K6VHF/rover Shack

During VHF/UHF and Microwave contests K6VHF most of the time operates as rover station. His rover station contains following equipment: IC-9700 (2m,70cm,23cm) IC-7300 (6m and 10m for transverters) IC-705 (used for transverters) Q5 Signal 5 band transverter FT-857D (backup rig HF+VHF/UHF) TM-D710 (APRS+FM) IC-37A (223MHz FM) DJ-G29 (220/900MHz FM) Kunhe 2304 MHz transverter + 30watts […]

Making Crossed Polarized Yagi

As all you know for successful communication via Amateur radio satellites the antenna system should have both polarization capability. That’s for very simple reason – Faraday effect. Faraday effect is a rotation of the plane of polarization of electromagnetic waves in certain substances in a magnetic field. So for all moving and rotating objects that […]

New Q5 Signal 5 Band Transverter

Recently I’ve purchased 5 band transverter from Q5 Signal, LLC. It’s so convenient to have for VHF/UHF contesting/rovering. It covers most of band that you need. No additional radios other than simple 28MHz transceiver required. In my case I use Icom IC-705. More info regarding Q5 transverter can be found http://q5signal.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=99 Alex K6VHF