Bias Tee Calculator

This is my most recent program and it’s Bias Tee calculator which helps to calculate the values for a typical bias tee circuit (capacitance C and inductance L). You have to put input and output impedance, frequency and impedance ratio (usually value of 100). Right now the XL and XC calculates based on fixed impedance ratio but in next version they will be variable depend on different brands of capacitors and inductors.

Bias Tee Calculator V 1.02
Bias Tee Calculator V 1.02

Current version V 1.02
Download here

13 thoughts on “Bias Tee Calculator

  1. Trieste – JN65VQ 12-13-2019
    Dear K6VHF,
    thanks for this smart calculator and Merry Christmas from Lorenzo – IW3QKK

  2. Thank you for your helpful calculator blz send me the software of it matched with android phone… Many thanks

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