2m Band Crosses Polarized Yagi

Previously I’ve posted article about crossed polarized yagi for 435MHz made from two single yagi antennas. It was a budget version of antenna for satellite communications.

I also described how to connect two antennas and combine into one cable. This time I modified 145MHz antenna in same way. That allowed me to increase gain and have crossed polarization. I immediately noticed that antenna provides better gain at low elevation angles.

I ma not going to describe in details how this antennas was made. It’s the same principle as antenna for 435MHz. Please refer to this article https://k6vhf.com/making-crossed-polarized-yagi/

For 145MHz I’ve used 2 single 5 el Hy-Gain 2 Meter FM Yagis VB25FM. They are inexpensive and easy to work with. Some mechanical work and antenna is ready.

I tested and tuned each antenna separately before using power combiner/splitter into one coax cable. As I mention in previous article to combine two 50ohms antennas you would need two pieces of 75om cable. For 2m band the length was 35cm.

After making coaxial combiner antenna was tested again and SWR measured as 1.2 which is great. Antenna was installed and immediately tested on XW-2E, AO-27, SO-50 and AO-73 satellites. Good reports and better receive on 145MHz.

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