1296 MHz 4 Way Power Divider

Hello 2 all.

Want to introduce one of my UHF projects. It’s a 4 way power divider for 23 cm band which can be used to make antenna stack arrays for contests or EME.
I made many of this dividers and always they have very good performance. To make this divider you need to have a simple skills of drilling, soldering and understanding of microwave principles.
You will need:

  • – enclosure by HAMMOND – 1 pc
  • – 1/8 brass rod by K&S Engineering – 1 pc (12″)
  • – N-type connector – 5 pcs
  • – M3 or 4-40 screws – 20 pcs
  • – digital caliper

That’s all. Now time to show a technical details. It’s very easy just follow all steps.

4-way power divider. Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

Here is pictures of assembly procedure.

Good luck!

Alex K6VHF

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