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– Vlad WY6DX works on 10 MHz for first time as a mobile station (K6VHF SUV). Congrats for his first QSO!

– This is my go-bag for Emergency Services operation or for hiking and portable work. Details would be here.

– One of simple weekend projects for your hobby – Portable 4 el 70 cm Yagi antenna. The technical data is here

– That was an amazing propagation on 20 m band. On video you can see that I use my mobile station and his signal is strong S9+.

– North shore of Big Bear lake. Was strong rain. 20m band and a lot of station in the contest. N2BJ calling CQ NA…
Worked on 50 watts. FT-857 and lovely ATAS-120 did a great job! Thanks for QSO N2BJ!

– A good propagation on 10 m band. Worked with ZL, VK, JA, FK from the middle of Death Valley, California. Mobile set-up: FT-857 and ATAS-120.

– Disassemble and Assemble of Baofeng UV-3R. You need just a small philips screwdriver and tweezers. Enjoy in Full HD!

– Worked with FO4BM on 10m band on mobile set-up from Idyllwild DM14. Nice signal.

– This is portable bag for Yaesu radios (FT-817, FT-857). Bag has three main sections. On the right section for an antenna analyzer or antenna tuner (has a waterproof case). On the left side you can store cables, headsets, headphones, interfaces, etc. The central part of the bag has two sections. One for the transceiver and second for a battery. Also, the bag has several pockets where you can store documents, instructions and manual. The cover has several pockets and they are all waterproof. The upper pocket can be used for a netbook or iPad. Bag can be used as a backpack, this is an additional straps.

– FT-857 and ATAS-120. As you can see there is 2 wires 2.5 m long each. It helps to get 1:1.1 SWR. Check it out.
I heard many stations from east coast, CX, PU, LU and ZL on my mobile balcony antenna.

– K6VHF at NAQP SSB 2012, FT-857 and ATAS-120.

– Field Day 2011. Work from WA6IRC (Independent Radio Club) station. Dogwood campground, Arrowhead Lake, CA.

– CW QSO on 5 Watts. FT-857, screwdriver antenna. Balboa Park, Los Angeles.