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Member of Ten-Ten International Net

1010%20logoMy Ten-Ten International number is: #77458

I love 10 m band for his outstanding propagation, long distance communication with low power during the high solar activity.

Indeed, you don’t need a serious equipment and antennas to start working on 10 m band. Because it’s a top HF band the size of antenna usually small, so it wouldn’t be a problem to build an Yagi or Quad antenna. My first antenna for 10 m band was just a simple GP (ground plane), then I tried the vertical delta loop. Of course, the most advantage was with 3-4 elements Yagi. I opened the world of stations that I never seen before. Here in USA I continued work on my one of favorite band and eventually I became a Ten-Ten International member.

See you on the 10 m band. Active on SSB, CW, PSK31.

Ten-Ten International website is http://www.ten-ten.org/


Ten-Ten International Upcoming Events in 2016

WINTER (Phone) – February 6-7 (Participated as Mobile)
SPRING (Digital) – April 23-24

SPRING (CW) – May 7-8
OPEN SEASON – June 4-5

SPIRIT of 76 – Jul 10

SUMMER (Phone) – August 6-7
10-10 Day Sprint (all Modes) – October 10

FALL (CW) – October 15-16

FALL (Digital) – November 12-13
ANNIVERSARY(54) – January 1 – December 31


Alex K6VHF


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