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Ten-Ten International Net #77458


My Ten-Ten International number is: #77458

I love 10 m band for his outstanding propagation, long distance communication with low power during the high solar activity.

Indeed, you don’t need a serious equipment and antennas to start working on 10 m band. Because it’s a top HF band the size of antenna usually small, so it wouldn’t be a problem to build an Yagi or Quad antenna. My first antenna for 10 m band was just a simple GP (ground plane), then I tried the vertical delta loop. Of course, the most advantage was with 3-4 elements Yagi. I opened the world of stations that I never seen before. Here in USA I continued work on my one of favorite band and eventually I became a Ten-Ten International member.

See you on the 10 m band. Active on SSB, CW, PSK31.

Ten-Ten International website is http://www.ten-ten.org/


10 m band is OPEN

Check it out. My mobile station at home. Rig is FT-857 and antenna is ATAS-120. As you can see there is 2 wires 2.5 m long each. It helps to get 1:1.1 SWR.
I heard many stations from east coast, CX, PU, LU and ZL on my mobile antenna.

Alex K6VHF

FO4BM CQing on 10m

Check this out. FO4BM on 28 MHz on my mobile set-up FT-857 + ATAS-120.
Thanks for QSO and QSL card!

QSL card FO4BM

QSL card FO4BM